HONOR ROLL of MEMBERS who have earned Service Stripes with our unit since its 2004 inception:

Per US Military regulations of the time (NCO Customs and Courtoseys):

665. Chevrons: “1586. To indicate service.—All non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates, who have served faithfully for the term of five years, will wear, as a mark of distinction, upon both sleeves of the uniform coat, below the elbow, a diagonal half chevron, one-half an inch wide, extending from seam to seam, the front end nearest the cuff, and one-half an inch above the point of the cuff to be of the same color as the edging on the coat. In like manner, an additional half chevron, above and parallel to the first, for every subsequent five years of faithful service; distance between each chevron one-fourth of an inch. Service in war will be indicated by a light or sky-blue stripe on each side of the chevron for artillery, and a red stripe for all other corps, the stripe to be one-eighth of an inch wide.”

590. VOLUNTEERS who have served at least nine months, and who re-enlist, are entitled to be called “Veteran Volunteers,” and may wear the service chevron showing that they have served

593. A veteran regiment, to entitle it to be called such, must be composed of at least one-half of its number of men who have served one enlistment of not less than nine months. (GO. No. 216, 1863.)

In accordance with Section 2.1.6 "Veteran Members" of our Unit / Club's Standard Operating procedures:


10 YEAR SERVICE STRIPE (Authorized January 2014)

Pending Soldiers: (2009-2013) Jason Coffey, Elliott Codding, Brendan Mahathey, Ryan Clayton, William Prescott

Pending Civilians: (2009-2013) Lisa Coffey, Tracey Gorin, Jill Morse 


5 YEAR SERVICE STRIPE (Authorized January 2009)

Veteran Soldiers: (2004-2008) Gary Iverson, David Crichton, Jason Coffey, Richard Holt, James Peck, Lori Crichton, Elliot Codding, Terry Jenkins, Brendan McCleverty, Gary McCleverty, Michael DeGregorio, Zack Clayton, Ron Jacques, Brendan Mahathey, Ryan Clayton, William Prescott, (2005-2009) Ted Pawlowski, Ryan Johnson, Steve Weatherman, Nicholas Weatherman, Robert Jenkins, Steve Fields, Aaron Christensen, (2006-2010) Dan Tuziak, Niall St. John, Brian Ruskauff, Janice Palmer, Brian Dudley, (2007-2011) Nathan Johnson, Tiffany Clayton, Janice Palmer, Evan Gregorio, (2008-2012) Christopher Willets, Mike Bedwell, Tom Talbott, Kevin Horan, Faith Myhra, Alex Woodward.

Veteran Civilians: (2004) Faye Crichton, Lisa Coffey, Jill Morse, Tracey Gorin, Sandy Jenkins, Megan Holt, Kelly Holt, (2008) Meg Horan

Pending Soldiers (2009-2013) (2010-2014) (2011-2015) (2012-2016) Daniel Sawyer, Jason Lutu,

Pending Civilians (2009)